Weighted blanket

Evolution of weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets have existed for decades. They are initially used in mental health communities. Some psychotherapists use the weight to calm patients. At that time, in order to give patients better treatment results, they continued to increase the weight, but the results were not satisfactory.

Nowadays, we know that weight and deep tactile stimuli can help to make people stay calm. Too heavy will be counterproductive, but at the time, doctors did not know that it would be effective only when the weight was evenly applied to the body. There is a flowing filler inside the weighted blanket, where the blanket can be pressed like gravity.

In the past, weighted blankets were basically hand-stitched. The fillers were coins, rice, beans, corn kernels, stones, plastic granules, etc. But, these fillers either germinated or not dense enough, causing the blanket to be thick and bulky. The fillers are not best choice. Because of the handcrafted, the price of the weighted blankets have been expensive.

Nowadays, YNM solves the production process and begins semi-mechanized production, making the price reasonable, and improving the filling which is switching to safe, pollution-free, anti-allergic, tasteless high-density particles – 100% tiny glass beads. They are definitely much better experience for people. The density of the glass is high, so that the volume has sufficient weight. The weighted blanket can use less filler, which can make the blanket thin and fit for body. Also, the glass beads make the weighted blanket more breathable and keep constant temperature.

YNM now is the world’s first brand of weighted blanket. Our products have a high demand in European and America. YNM weighted blanket has a very high rating and an extremely wide market. YNM, which brings weighted blanket featuring sleep technology to the world, aims to provide a comfortable and being hugged experience for everyone who needs a better sleep.