Weighted blanket

The magical combination of weighted blankets and glass beads.

In a modern society with a fast pace of life, a large number of people have sleep problems, and a small number of people even have serious problems with insomnia. So now many people will buy a weighted blanket of their own, releasing their anxiety from the day and find secure feeling, so that they can sleep peacefully.

In the beginning, the weighted blankets on the market used plastic beads or polymeric materials as fillers. But after a period of production and sales, some customers who sleep shallowly said that the plastic beads in the weighted blanket would make some subtle sounds, sometimes affecting their sleep.

In order to improve the quality of sleep of users, after many years of experiments, YNM R&D team innovated and developed a suitable filler combination in 2016 – glass beads and fibers. The blanket thus produced not only achieves the preset weight standard, but also ensures that the user enjoys a quiet sleeping environment while turning over. The weighted blanket weight distribution after the upgrade will be more uniform, unlike the plastic-filled blankets, which would be uneven. Filled with special fibers, the weighted blanket can still maintain a quiet environment when the customer turns over during sleep, and the blanket weight can be evenly distributed for better experience. From a customer’s perspective, such changes mean better sleep quality.

More importantly, the process improvement of this filler change is not only a simple material change, but also from the perspective of the customers’ health – because glass beads are safer and more reliable than plastic beads. It doesn’t have Bead-related residue and pollution problems like plastic beads, all aspects of the indicators have reached the safety standards so that children can use.


YNM – made with heart, it is to solve customers’ sleep troubles with care

As a professional weighting blanket manufacturer, YNM not only has advanced technology and amazing ideas, but also has a whole design team and its own production factory. After entering Amazon shopping platform, online customers also like our products. The YNM Weighted Blanket has always been a popular item on Amazon, and by looking at the content and reviews on the website, you can have a more detailed understanding of our products.

In the years of entering the weighted blanket industry, YNM’s goal can be said to be “going above and beyond” The strongest R&D team we have is always leading the way in technological innovations across the industry, such as the glass bead technology innovation mentioned above. Today, we are still insisting on innovation and change, hoping to bring more peace of mind to more customers through our own work.

What we need to do is not only to improve the sales of the product, but also to find the issues from the customer’s point of view, and then seek solutions from the perspective of the manufacturer. We know that only the support and trust from our customers can make YNM branding have a long-lasting vitality.