Weighted blanket

YNM-For good sleep for your child

Are your kids having the symptoms, such as they can’t get up in the early morning, or they feel very tired after all day long. And, they feel irritable, hyperactive, and inattentive… If your kids have the symptoms, you may have to be alert to your kids’ lack of sleep. Studies have shown that the quality of sleep directly affects children’s focusing ability, learning ability, memory and creativity. Children sleep 4 hours a day, the reaction capacity decreased by 45%. If they sleep less than 8 hours, they will be stuck into amnesia, unresponsive, difficulty focusing on learning, and unapprehensive.

There are many ways to ensure children to have adequate sleep, such as daily fixed bedtime and wake-up time, trying to avoid watching TV in the bed, or playing mobile phones; regulating fixed bedtime activities, such as bedtime yoga, bedtime stories or listening to light music to relax. Parents should void children to have strenuous exercise before bed. The most important is to improve the sleeping environment, so that children can feel safe and comfortable even in an environment without their parents, so that they can enjoy a good night sleep.

How to create a good sleeping for children? To build good environment, such as using aromatherapy, music or candle? In fact, a good quality weighted blanket is the best choice to help your child get a good sleep. Weighted blankets are well known in the medical field and have been used as natural stress relieving agents. As the name suggests, the unique feature of this blanket is that it is filling with weighted staff. In the early beginning, it was used in mental health field. Psychotherapists used weighted staff to calm the patient. They used hand-made blankets stuffing with coins, rice, beans, corn kernels, stones, plastic granules, etc. Moderate weight and tactile stimuli can help to make people feel calm, but too heavy will be in the contrary. Therefore, YNM team solved the production process after many years of experiments, began semi-mechanized production, improved the filling, and switched to safe, non-polluting, anti-allergic, odorless high-density particles – 100% tiny glass beads for weight. The new weighted blanket is felt better. We reduce the cost of production and make the price more competitive. Glass beads are safer and more reliable than traditional plastic beads. The glass beads will not have residual and contamination issues. Mums are worried free!

YMN weighted blanket is completely safe for people.

Why does a seemingly ordinary little blanket have such a big magic? YNM weighted blanket uses what is commonly referred to as “deep touching pressure stimulation therapy,” a highly sought-after therapy that stimulates every relevant stress point on the body to improve sleep. It can create positive mood and help people relax. A number of experiments have shown that “deep touching pressure” can reduce people’s heart rate, respiratory rate, and promote human body’s natural secretion of serotonin and endorphin. YNM weighted blanket can give children a tight hug and sputum, which can help children enter high-quality sleep and wake up healthy and pleasant.

In the early morning, in the classroom, children will not be sleepy and listless. When health, happiness, and positive smiles re-emerge, when these warm moments converge, it will lead to constant attempts and breakthroughs of YNM weighted blanket. YNM weighted blanket , is a warm heart from mother, creates a sweet dream for child.