Weighted blanket

When you embrace yourself, life will embrace you

In the late night, you yawn and turn to the side. You are talking to yourself to have a relax. In the same time, you are suffering from insomnia and you have to work tomorrow. The inexplicable anxiety makes you more nervous. It’s fall, you can’t help wrap up the thin blanket. You close your eyes, and suddenly remembered the warm embrace of your mum when you were a child. You just remember the sense of safe and gentle touch from your mum, then you fall asleep within just few seconds.

As you grow up, you can’t wait to explore this big world and desire to have everything. You are far away from your homeland and working hard. You almost forget your mother language and the image of your home are becoming an unreachable dream. You are always busy, busy to have no time to enjoy a deep sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you feel frowning because you were insomnia last night. It’s late, and time is so precious. Just like to make up for the lack of sleep, you have breakfast and can’t help but eat a lot to comfort yourself. It still doesn’t help.

When you at work, you start to feel that your memory is fading. When you are in a presentation and it’s your turn, you suddenly stuck. When you want to have a quick break, you see 38 unread emails. You have no choice but have to be continued working. Your efficiency is getting lower and lower. At this time, you are jealous of the intern who just graduate d. You envy her eyes, her vibrant smile, but admire her complaints. “I am exhausted every day, and I can fall asleep without a pillow.” You smiled bitterly: “If I can sleep in seconds, I will be fine…”

On the way home, you find that the weather is getting cold again. You remember your doctor said that insomnia will generate hypo-immunity, which will lead to body’s ability to resist disease. So, you must take care of yourself carefully…When you get home, you take look at yourself in the mirror, your face is never glow. there are big dark circles hanging under your eyes. Your heart beats are even heavier. If the insomnia is still keeping on, you must be senility. Long-term insomnia makes you more and more anxious. The pressure of life makes you grumpy and in a negative state. Now it’s been a vicious circle. You just want to go back to your childhood and return to your mum’s warm hug.

Is there any magic that will take you back to your childhood and bring you a good sleep?

When you learn to embrace yourself, life will embrace you! Choose a quality weighted blanket and make yourself a warm hug. In the field of occupational therapy in the United States, a product called “heavy blanket” has been popular. The main feature is that the weight of the blanket applied to the human body is more than 10% of the body weight. Researches have shown that aggravated blankets have a general effect of relieving anxiety, relaxing mood, and can improve the quality of sleep from people with insomnia. YNM weighted blanket is such a product, which has a soft and comfortable touch. It mainly serves people who are under pressure, insomnia and depression. YNM weighted blanket provides sensory input for individuals with autism depression, insomnia and other illnesses. It can be used as a tool to calm the mood and help to have deep sleep and relieve stress. YNM gives you the memories of being hugged by your parents!

Our lives are full filling with so much pressures. Because of the pressures, we have learned to how to make us to be better. Now, it’s time to enjoy a good night’s sleep-create a warmest and most comfortable embrace with the YNM weighted blanket. When you embrace yourself, life will embrace you. Good night!🌛