Weighted blanket

My girlfriend is becoming a mother

I am so happy for her of being a mother.

But, she is not happy. It’s not that easy to be a mother. I remember that when her baby was born, she as the novice mother often complained to me, saying that the mind is getting worse and worse, and that she felt that she had a lot of aging after she had given birth. New born baby needs to be nursing and more sleeping. As the mother who insist on breastfeeding must feed at least 8-12 times a day, so the time for rest and sleep should be cut a lot. In the face of her listless, we are more distressed, more helpless.

Before she became a mother, she always smiled, and she was full of contagiousness.But the deep sleep was lost from her pregnancy. She still hasn’t recovered after she gave birth to a baby. She who couldn’t sleep were still not coming back from the lack of sleep before the baby, and she started the road of the day and night.

Finally, she went through the maternity. But I have to return to work immediately. Before pregnancy, she was drinking coffee every day. Because of feeding, to take care of the health of her baby, she had to give up coffee. During the day time, she works extremely inefficient because of lack of sleep. At night, when her baby cries softly, she must wake up nervously at once. If her baby gets sick, it will be even more miserable. Even if it is hard to have a nap quietly, it will be more difficult to relax and fall asleep because of anxiety. Looking at her sleeping husband besides her, she was helpless and desperate. However, when the moonlight lit the baby’s face, and she saw her baby sleeping peacefully, she relieved. Soft comfort, gentle touch, mother’s delicate thoughts like a soft silk thread, weaving children for countless nights of dreams.

However, she doesn’t realize that only when she has enough sleep so she can have a process of self-recovery. And, she can have more energy to take care of the newborn baby. Many novice mothers and family members are easy to ignore the importance of postpartum care, so that the first-time mother accidentally caused a tragic accident. For example, a young mother who lacks sleep, forgets that she left her baby in the car, and suddenly realized, but the baby has gone because of smother. Another, a tired young mother was falling asleep with the baby in her arms falling to the floor. It’s the same reason as lack of sleep. Sometimes, the novice mother suffers from postpartum depression. It feels like that this stage will be never end. These are the unfortunate effects of severe sleep deprivation, so this is why having enough sleep is so important for the postpartum recovery for a novice mother.

Today, please mothers weave their dreams for themselves! Although, baby products are full filled in your shopping cart.It is time to buy a good staff for you to sleep. I believe that the professional and comfortable YNM weight blanket can meet your needs, help you sleep well, and fully care for your baby. The outer part of the blanket is made of ultra-soft micro-fluff, which is easy to clean and does not produce hair loss or static. The inside part is filled non-toxic, lead-free high white glass beads to provide deep pressure touch stimulation. The deep pressure from the weight can let the body to produce serotonin and endorphin, which are allowing you to relax and calm. In turn, the blanket can improve your sleeping quality and resolve anxiety.

YNM weighted blanket, weaving a gentle dream for a strong mother!