Weighted blanket

Let your baby grow up healthily and never starts crying at night

I believe that many parents have experienced such a headache: the baby sleeps sweetly during the day, but at night it is crying, clothes and diapers are changed again, while feeding and cuddling in the arms, only the baby can sleep peacefully. . If you are lucky, your baby will stop crying and sleep for a few hours tonight. If you are unlucky, you will be like studying at school overnight.🧡

babies are sleeping all day long. Why are they crying at night? How can I get a good night’s sleep and let the whole family have a quiet and steady sleep? Maybe you just miss a weighted blanket for child.💛

Let me talk about what is weighted blanket. Weighted blankets use the principle of deep touching pressure to stimulate the pressure points of human body. It produces the same effect as the acupressure of the human body, and gives the baby the feeling of being in the arms of parents. Baby’s mood is soothed and relaxed, and then baby can fall asleep deep and more stable. Maybe you have heard of such a blanket. Maybe the idea and concept of the weighted blanket are not novel, but the most important part of a good weighted blanket is its filler – that is, what content can provide a stressful stimulating function while providing a better body contact experience.💚

Traditional weighted blankets are filled with pebbles or granules of food such as corn kernels. They are neither clean nor comfortable. With the development of technology, high density polyethylene plastic pellets have been found to be a good choice, so it replaced the original filler becomes the second generation filler of the weighted blanket. However, synthetic substances are always unreliable, especially for children, and parents want a healthier filler instead of synthetics. At this time, YNM’s self-developed weighted blanket was born. It’s using high-density micro-small glass beads as filler. High-density glass has a heavier weight and a smaller size. A seemingly small and slim weighted blanket has enough weight for the child to use. And the thinner blanket has better fit to the human body and gives the child more comfortable feeling. Such a healthy filling without filling and releasing toxic and harmful substances not only creates a more comfortable and stable sleeping environment for the child, but also allows parents to have a zero-worry!💜

YNM’s production process is also very elegant. Due to the influence of gravity, the filler will inevitably occur “one-sided” situation and affect the effect of the experience and contact pressure. YNM’s diaphragm technology effectively solves this problem. It’s allowing high-density micro-sized glass beads to be evenly distributed on the quilt, making the quilt as soft as flowing like water.

As the world’s leading brand of weighted blanket, YnM’s weighted blankets are sold all over the world. It gives millions of baby warmth like mothers’ embrace. Good sleep allows children to have better rest and better growth. YNM uses high-density micro-small glass beads that do not release harmful substances and professional technology to maintain designed weight. Every YNM blanket is made for love and hugging babies like mums.💞