Weighted blanket

BlackFriday  Special

My mum’s birthday is after Black Friday. I used to send her red wine, perfume, and handmade cards. This year, I haven’t chosen yet. What kind of birthday gift I should buy for her? My husband suggested me, “for your mother’s age, good quality sleep is very important, we can think about it.”

My husband is right. I should help my mother improve her sleep quality. Because good sleep can make her healthier, I hope my mother can live happily and sleep well!

So I started searching for “what method can improve the sleep quality of the elderly?”. Occasionally, I saw a blanket called the “weighted blanket”. The product description on the web site stated: Through the theory of “deep touch with stress stimulation”, it relieves mood and promotes sleep.

On my mum’s birthday, I gave her this weighted blanket and told her that this heavy and soft blanket would make her sleep better. My mum was very happy. I joked that the rate of insomnia in the United States is the highest in the world, and I don’t want you to contribute yourself to be in this ratio! Everyone laughed, my mum said that she would love to try this weighted blanket.

Since then, my mum have slept with this blanket every day. Now she has adapted the weight and slept very well. And, she is out of insomnia little by little. She said, “I seem to have returned to a carefree time when I was young. I can fall asleep with a the blanket immediately, and feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning.” I saw my mum’s vibe is vivid whole, and my husband and I were so happy for her!

She once asked me, such a heavy blanket, what material is inside of it? I found the instruction and it is stated, “the filler is a high-density micro-miniature glass beads.” “You have to believe in science,” I told her. My mum said that the blanket is perfect for use, and also very easy to take care of. Just dry clean it. Be fore using it, just gently shake the blanket regularly to make the small glass beads evenly distributed.

This Black Friday is coming, I am going to buy two children’s weighted blankets for my son Mike and my daughter Tina. I know the importance of sleep for children’s height, and I know that my children always like to kick quilts when they sleep. I hope that the weighted blanket can help them to solve this situation, especially when I found out that the YNM weighted blanket I bought for my mother launched the new children’s series. The Black Friday’s ultra-low discount is a good time for me to buy.

Children’s gravity blankets are smaller than the adult size and can be chosen for different weights. No matter what weight of the weighted blanket, it is soft, warm, and silky. The blanket cover is a delicate velvety fluffy fabric, and the inside is also high-density micro-glass bead separated by professional diaphragm technology. No matter how many times the children turn over in their sleep, the YNM weighted blanket for kids can wrap their small body and relieve their fatigue after a long day of exercise.

If your families need better sleep, try YNM weight blankets! Their peaceful faces during sleeping are the ones of the beautiful images of our lives!