Weighted blanket

Tom’s Choice

Since I have Tom, I have never slept well. Tom cried all night, and my husband and I had to hold to sleep. My husband and I are very busy at work. In order to take care of Tom, I even resigned. My husband also often accompanied Tom after work, and participated in community activities. However, this persistence for several years did not bring about a good change. Tom’s activities during the day were many and he was very enjoying them, but he still couldn’t have a good sleep and was always sleepless.
I hired a professional babysitter and asked her to look after Tom. I also received the recommendation letter from the former boss and found a new job. It was time to return to work. At the beginning, I was not at ease. Was the babysitter taking care of Tom probably? Did he like the babysitter? I was busy at work and I was on a business trip. I could not go home for a long time. Every time I saw time on FaceTime, He was still a naughty look.
In one weekend, I was sitting at the desk and sorting out the information for tomorrow’s meeting. My husband said, “Did you find out, Tom didn’t cry at night!” I also noticed that he did cry very little during in this time. I actually suddenly worried, what did the nanny do?
I went to ask the babysitter and she took me to Tom’s bed and picked up the quilt. I found a blanket on the bed that felt soft, but very weighty. “What is this? Why is it so heavy? I asked the babysitter.
She said with a smile, “This is YNM weighted blanket, which can promote the child’s sleep.
How can you do that? Is it reliable? I can’t believe that such a heavy blanket can have a good effect on sleep.
The nanny said, YNM weighted blanket is a kind of aggravated blanket that gives the child a sense of comfort through deep pressure stimulation. When Tom puts on the YNM weighted blanket, it is like lying in his mother’s warm arms, which will make him feel warm and relax. She just bought the blanket from last week showed me the receipt and instructions of YNM weighted blanket.
Can a blanket replace me? Even more effective than my warm hug?
When Tom fell asleep last night, I sneaked into his room, covered with such a heavy blanket to him.
Tom did kick the quilt when he was sleeping, but YNM weighted blanket didn’t roll off to the floor, still wrapping child’s body – although heavy, it was soft.
What is it inside? I was thinking about it, and found out the instructions: It is a filler called “high-density micro-glass beads” that is evenly distributed throughout the blanket. Even if child is not stable and the glass beads are gradually uneven, it is very simple to make them back. Just gently shake the blanket, the glass beads will go to be balanced.
Tom slept sweetly, and I walked out of the room lightly. Tomorrow, I would ask my babysitter where she bought this blanket? I wanted to buy a YNM weighted blanket for my husband and me!
To ease the pressure of work, release the fatigue of the day, start with sleep YNM weighted blanket!