Weighted blanket

YNM with my family

Black Friday is just over, my journey for shopping is very pleasant, and of course, my wallet is becoming empty. The shopping is always enjoyable, especially when you buy something that you really need and like very much, just very happy!
This Black Friday, my neighbor bought a laptop for her son, and bought a perfume for her little daughter as Christmas gifts. My sister chose some toys for her baby, and added some kitchenware. Of course, kitchen supplies and utensils are items that every family needs to prepare, but there are some household items that are not options that everyone will consider.
I bought my mom a YNM weighted blanket for her birthday. If you still remember, my mother said that after she had used the YNM weighted blanket for a while, she is no longer lost sleep. I once said that I would buy two children’s weighted blankets for my son Mike and my daughter Tina on the Black Friday. That’s right, this is what I said, my family are very satisfied and enjoyable.
YNM weighted blanket is now an indispensable sleep product in my family. Soft fabrics, exquisite workmanship, professional design, safe and healthy fillings are all making us satisfied.
I want to give two blankets as Christmas gifts to my children, but naughty Mike has found them in the bag and opened the package. When my daughter Tina saw the YNM children’s gravity blanket, she asked me, “Mom, I like this, can I use it?
In front of my two lovely children, looking at the eyes they are looking forward to, I’m like the happiest mom in the world! Now, my children have their own YNM weighted blanket.
Although Black Friday is over few weeks before, I want to say that the YNM children’s weighted blanket is the best children’s gift in my mind. It is moderately sized, not too heavy to oppress sleep, nor too light to affect the effect. In addition, although the YNM weighted blanket does not look too thick, it is very warm, and the soft suede allows the temperature to be better maintained. It also brings more comfortable feeling for your skin.
Since my children have YNM weighted blankets, their sleeping quality has improved a lot. Tina is no longer having sleeping talk any more. The time for deep sleep is significantly longer. Mike is no longer kicking off the blanket. I won’t have to worry about him kicking off the quilt in the winter night to catch cold. All above is about YNM weighted blanket. Just wanna say many thanks to YNM children’s weighted blanket!
According to the instructions, choosing the weighted blanket of 10% of the weight of the child will help the child get the best result, which are suitable and comfortable. YNM children’s weighted blanket offers ten different weight options. There must be one for your child. In addition, children are always mischievous, and it is inevitable to soil and break something. In order to avoid the inconvenience caused by the damage of the blanket, YNM children’s weighted blanket provides a three-year warranty. It’s totally worry free.
YNM children’s weighted blanket is very convenient to handle, just shake it gently every week, so that the tiny glass beads inside can be evenly distributed.
When your family are suffering insomnia, if your child can’t sleep well, YNM weighted blanket will be the best choice. You don’t have to wait for a birthday as a gift, you don’t have to wait for Christmas is upcoming, just give your loved ones a YNM weighted blanket for a better and healthier sleep from now!