Weighted blanket

Last minute, first minute.

New Year is coming soon. Last year, I went to Time Square with my boyfriend in New York. In a crowd of people, we counted down the last few seconds, with full of hope and passion, it was unforgettable memory!
This year is no exception. Last week, my boyfriend sent me a message, “Hey babe, please let me have your first minute of 2019! I want you to be my first person to meet!” This kind of short message always makes me feel so sweet. I really want to be with him in the last minutes too in 2018. So, we decided to go to a mall to have pre-shopping for new year.
When I arrived at the mall, my boyfriend was waiting for me. I tried my long-awaited dessert first. Then, my boyfriend took out a vey long shopping list. “I need a new sheet and a bigger quilt,” he said. “You know I always kick the quilt under the bed and freeze myself. You know Winter in this city, struggling!”
I did know that, because last time I was almost kicked away from him under the. To be honest, I was wondering how about after our married? I cant stop thinking about that shall we sleep separately? I am actually not joking…
It was not a good time to consider this matter. To buy a bigger quilt and prevent my baby boyfriend to freeze from duvet kicking is the priority. 
we went to the household started to browsing. There are bunch kind of quilts and making me dazzling…But I did not find any special we expected. 
Suddenly, I found a very strange quilt, although it doesn’t look big, but it has a lot of weight. I looked at it carefully, embroidered with the name YNM.
“What is this quilt?” I asked a sales. She replied, “It is weighted blanket.”
“Weighted blanket? What is that?” I’m confused. 
“It’s a blanket that it can help people with anxiety, autism, ADHD, insomnia or stress.” The sales said. “It can also regulate the body’s hormones.”
“Wow!” My boyfriend’s face was full of curiosity and excitement, but I was a bit skeptical that the sales was exaggerating. “It’s heavy so it has have such a function? No way!” I just said that.
The sales smiled and said, “You are right. To buy a weighted blanket, you need to choose the weight equivalent to 10% of your own weight, so that it can fully exert the pressure to deep contact your body. The pressure will stimulate the pressure point of your body to increase the level of serotonin and melatonin to make you feel soothed and relaxed.”
“The concept seems very simple, but the effect is very good. After a customer bought one for his mother, he came back in one week and buy another two for his kids!” The said proudly.
Listened to the sales, I looked at my boyfriend. His face was showing that he was willing to buy it. So, we checked it out and can’t wait to try it. Maybe, we don’t have to sleep in two beds later!
From now on, my boyfriend’s sparkling, full of hopeful eyes are still flashing in my mind. Has your boyfriend or girlfriend bought you some sweet little gifts and unforgettable memories? Come and share it with us, let us feel your excitement and happiness too!