Weighted blanket

YNM Weighted Blanket

If you are the one who keeps wondering about weighted blanket when your friends talk about it, then we are here to provide you with all the information about weighted blankets.

There is hype about these gravity blankets, what are they? Are they worth the hype? What are they supposed to do? How do they work or how are they different from traditional blankets?

All these questions may pop up in your mind when you think about this amazing product. So, without wasting much time, let us know more about the YnM weighted blankets. Let us clear all your confusions and questions about weighted blankets.

Here you go:

What the weighted blanket actually is?

Well, what do you understand when you hear the work weighted blanket? Of course, a blanket with some weight might come into your mind. That is what exactly a weighted blanket is; it is a blanket with weight in it, some extra weight. 

It may sound simple here, that you can go and buy a weighted blanket right away! But, it is not that much simple, there are a few factors that you should consider whenever you are going to buy the weighted blanket. 

We definitely are going to have a look on these factors too, so that you can buy a weighted blanket for you without any hassle. 

What material is used for the weight in the blanket?

There are many different materials that are being used in the weighted blankets in order to make it heavier. As far as the most common one is concerned, then it is the plastics pellets or the glass beads. 

However, when you are going to buy a blanket for you, then you are going to find the cool weighted blankets with different material in them, such as millet and rice!

You should go for the best weighted blanket which is easy to use and easy to wash as well. Moreover, you ought to go for the one which is comfortable for you.

The outer material

When we are taking about the outer material of the weighted blanket, then we come to know that there are a few different materials that are being used for the outer part of the blanket. You need to consider about this outer surface as well, when you are going to buy the weighted blanket for you. 

It totally depends on your preferences, how you do like it, or what type of material do you need. You may want the dotted type material, or may go for the lighter one such as linen. 

You can get the material which you like the most, or are comfortable in that. 

What about the weight?

So, we have discussed about the material, now we should move on to the weight. How you can determine the weight of the blanket, how much weight you should be getting. Or what is the rule for doing so!

Let us clarify all of these questions!

There is a simple about the weight of the blanket even if you want it for your toddler!

The rule is that, you should get the blanket which is 10% of the weight of the body. This rule is applicable for everyone, even for your kids. 

Reasons to get the weighted blanket right now!

Now you are clear about all the facts that how you can choose the weighted blanket for you. You might be thinking about the reasons, that why you should get it? Is that so? Then we are here with all the incredible reasons to get the weighted blanket. 

Have a look:1. Touch pressure

If you are wondering about the science behind the weight in the blanket, then it is very simple. You are going to get good sleep when you have weight upon you. Which these increased pressure; you basically are giving yourself the DPT (deep pressure therapy). This therapy is about increasing the level of serotonin by gently applying the pressure on the body.

What is serotonin? Well, it is a chemical in your body, which actually promotes the relaxation in the body! That is why weighted blankets are said to be treating various mental disorders related to anxiety. People, who are suffering from bipolar, PTSD, OCD, aggression, anxiety, and depression, can easily treat their problems which this incredible weighted blanket. 2. Reducing stress

What do you think that how you can reduce the stress with this weighted blanket? Well, the studies support this idea, that a weighted blanket can reduce stress by lessening the activity of your nervous system. 3. Releasing the anxiety 

You can decrease the levels of anxiety when you are applying this weight on your body! This is due to the fact that you are giving yourself DPT, which is the best therapy for all the anxiety issues there.4. Improved sleep

With all the other benefits of the gravity blankets, the top one among them is always the improved sleep experience. You can improve the quality of your sleep with the weighted blanket, even if you are suffering from insomnia. Yeah, this absolutely true! If you are suffering from insomnia, you can treat it with these amazing blankets.

You are going to feel more refreshed when you will wake up after the deep sleep in your blanket. Moreover, the people who used these blankets also reported that they fell into sleep quicker than before when they were sleeping without the weighted blanket. 

End note

You are now aware of all the reasons; you should get the weighted blanket for you and your kids as well. What are you waiting for? You should not waste more time in thinking, just check the weighted blanket Amazonand get it right away. 

You will not regret your decision of getting the weighted blanket when you will experience all the benefits of this astounding product. 

There are many other benefits of using the weighted blankets; you should explore them on your own by getting one.

If you already are using them then you should tell other people about the benefits.