Weighted blanket

The Science Behind Weighted Blankets

We are all battling sleep disorders somehow or another. The state of mind required for maintaining a sound sleep has become so elusive, given the constant state of chatter our minds seem to be engrossed in.

The world has not known a stressbuster as potent as a good sound sleep but still the comfort of it stays shy of us.

With time we have become so used to living with the off shoots of sleep deprivation that includes light headedness, dizziness, irritability and the like, that we are forgetting how life felt like without it. Don’t get used to this tattered and lousy way of life, as we now have a tried and tested way of powering through these limitations with pure ease.

Here’s Why Weighted Blankets Work?
Let’s get acquainted to weighted blankets, which have been around for years but have lately been getting a lot of attention in the mainstream world thanks to their tremendous healing properties.

These blankets, which were earlier being used specifically for clinical purposes are now slowly turning into an in-house massage therapy that can lull the wearer into a sound sleep by putting optimum pressure on the vital pressure points on the body.

These weighted blankets are made to resemble regular blankets, but the latter cater to much more than just temperature control.

Weighted blankets, as precisely as their name suggests, are blankets with extra weight added to them. They can weigh from 3 to somewhere around 20 pounds. In addition to the normal fibre that extra weight comes from poly pellets, weighted discs, or glass beads, all safely approved and compliant to the requisite standards of use.

The comfort of sleeping under a 3 to 20-pound blanket might look unseemly to many as the weight and heat are legit concerns that pop up in our heads when we think about it. But the moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics give a befitting respite to these issues as the fibre composition in these blankets is suited to keeping the wearer cool and dry on hot days, while providing warmth on colder days.

The blankets are centred around the concept of deep touch pressure stimulation (DTPS) that provide simulation of a deep hug or a massage to the wearer, facilitating the release of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine that swift the body and mind into a soothing realm of happiness and calm.
The neurotransmission of these happy hormones create a pathway of ease and relaxation in the body that acts as an independent wellness therapy. As it has already been proved that majority of the diseases that target us have psychosomatic undercurrents, the release of calming and happy hormones can widely influence the addressal and extermination of these psychological causes that in turn lead to eruption of diseases.

These blankets are tailor made to fit the body of its wearer as the excess suspensions on either side would just tug at the ease by pulling in weight. So the design and size are best suited for a comfortable sleep and apt for keeping the sensory stimulus in proper check. Apart from aiding a good sleep, the benefits of sleeping under a weighted blanket are calming and therapeutic in nature, thus making it a must have in these mad chaotic times.

How Weighted Blankets Benefit Your Mind & Body?
Mental health and physical health have for long been spoken about in exclusivity but gradually a very logical and connected interface amongst the two has come to fore. The holistic well being of a person can be dictated when both the physical and mental health are aligned and functioning in unison.

These are not independent of each other and need to be taken care of as a collective. The pressure exerted by the blanket on the body and its effect thereafter quells the surge in emotional and mind related activities like anxiety, overthinking or the like while the brain strives to sleep. Slipping into weighted blankets is like stepping into your own version of total rejuvenation. It stopes the mind from becoming a battleground of one’s past, present and future and facilitates rest and ease to the wearer.

Exotic spa retreats have become such a fad these days because people feel the pressing need to escape from all the anxiety and stress that envelopes them each day. Escaping the routine has become the only way of maintaining a reasonable degree of sanity in one’s mind, though one needs to remember that it is not a lasting solution. Rejuvenation is not an isolated, once in a while kind of a process. Renewal and rejuvenation through a sound sleep are the cardinal requirements of a healthy functioning mind.
Weighted blankets help in providing that fundamental rest to our over stimulated brains. These blankets come in various pleasant covers and these covers are both washable and removeable.

When we talk about the usage criteria or the instructions for using a weighted blanket, the manual is pretty elementary in its context.

The usage is easy and simple for adults and teens but when it comes to children a tad bit of supervision is needed given the weighted nature of the product. Other than that, adults, teens or children, everybody can avail the beautiful calming benefits of these blankets and enrich their lives. Children who are hyper in their disposition can specially benefit from its use as these blankets promote a bodily balance in neurological terms.

Youngsters and teens have started crumbling under the pressures concerning their futures and for most, night time is the most apt time for all these insecurities to come into active play. But use of weighted blankets over time can provide a sense of clarity and stability by making a good night’s sleep a possibility for them.

Adults have started becoming increasingly addicted to anti anxiety and sleeping pills and sleep disorders have sort of become synonymous to increasing age. The importance of sound sleep needs to be carefully factored into our routines so that people in all groups can experience life in its utmost totality. With these cosy weighted blankets, the next time your mind races towards something you can just safely sleep on it.