Weighted blanket

Weighted blanket Review – UPDATED 2019 – Here’s Why They’re Worth Buying

One of the latest versions of the weighted blanket, the Weighted blanket is intended to help people ease stress and sleep better. This blanket started as a Kickstarter campaign and grew to be a multimillion-dollar business in a few years. A weighted blanket improves the way you fall asleep and stay asleep due to the response of the body’s nervous system to the blanket’s weight.
It is an effective, natural, drug-free solution to those seeking help with restless sleep caused by stress, insomnia, anxiety and other problems. In this article, we discuss the features and benefits of Weighted blanket to see whether it is worth buying.
What is a Weighted blanket?
Designed to take the element of an evenly distributed weight to the next level, Weighted blanket is a weighted blanket which improves the quality of sleep and helps people relax naturally. Each blanket features individually sewn pockets which keep the microbeads spread evenly across the surface to provide an even weight.
This blanket is designed to soothe the user by a hug-like feel for relaxation and better sleep. Inspired by the therapy called deep touch pressure stimulation, these weighted blankets resemble the feeling of being cuddled, hugged and swaddled. The gentle pressure on the body promotes relaxation and a feeling of calmness.
The size of a Weighted blanket matters the most. A blanket equalling about 10 to 15 percent of the user’s body weight works the best. A weighted blanket works like a dog’s Thunder Shirt for you and the evenly distributed pressure stimulates the feeling of being hugged to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation and calmness.
Weighted blanket Review – Does it Work?
Weighted blanket is designed to induce sleep and relaxation naturally by relaxing the nervous system with the feeling of being hugged or held. This deep touch pressure stimulation increases the levels of serotonin and melatonin to improve mood and promote restful sleep. It harnesses the power of science-based therapy to give a longer, calmer, comfortable night’s sleep, waking the users up feeling more refreshed and healthier.
By applying deep pressure to key body parts, the Weighted blanket decreases the cortisol levels to reduce symptoms associated with sleep-related disorders like insomnia, stress, anxiety, autism, restless leg syndrome and ADHD.
The weight of the blanket makes your brain think that you are being cuddled, which in turn activates the nervous system and brain parts which are active in times of low stress. The weight of the blanket also affects the body physically by preventing you from turning and tossing frequently through the night.
Variety of Sizes and Models – The Weighted blanket is available in different sizes to suit children and adults. It comes in weight options like 15, 20 and 25 lbs to choose according to the user’s body weight.
You can also choose from the original Weighted blanket and the cooling version which works better for people who tend to get hot during the sleep. This type of blanket is designed to allow better airflow to keep the person cool under the weight.
Durable and Soft Construction – The Weighted blanket features a gridded, flawless stitching with weighted beads spread evenly throughout the surface. The outer material is soft to feel. It also comes with an exterior duvet that feels soft and is removable.
Natural and Non-Medical – Weighted blanket is a great option for people who do not want to use medication to deal with symptoms related to sleep disorders would find Weighted blanket a great solution.
They use a natural, effective therapy-based concept to soothe and calm the user and improve his sleep and overall well-being.
Weighted blanket Benefits
Induces Deeper Sleep
The blanket is designed to minimize body movement and maximizes relaxation for a deeper sleep cycle. It makes you fall asleep faster and sleep more peacefully and deeply.
Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Using the power of deep touch pressure stimulation, the Weighted blanket simulates the feeling of being held or hugged to increase the levels of melatonin and serotonin, the hormones responsible for calming and relaxation while decreasing the hormone for stress, cortisol.
Reduces Insomnia and Anxiety
A weighted blanket works by pressing down the body to reduce the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone produced when you are upset or anxious.
Those who are caught in a cycle of insomnia-anxiety, the thought of going to bed can cause the cortisol levels to spike. With deep pressure touch, a weighted blanket promotes relaxation and breaks this cycle.
Calm the Body
Those who are troubled by buzzing brain when trying to fall asleep can benefit from the weighted blanket. This blanket is known to reduce the nervous system activity to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. The body experiences physiological changes and calms down due to the weight of the weighted blanket.
Improves the Quality of Sleep
People struggling with insomnia and other sleep disorders often wake up in the middle of the night or a couple of hours later to feel drained and tired. A weighted blanket can prove helpful due to decreased movements and improved sleep quality. These blankets work to give calmer and more peaceful sleep to help the users wake up refreshed.
• Soft and comfortable
• Great size to cover the body from head to toe
• Works to induce sleep and relax the body
• Improves the quality of sleep
• Promotes well-being and relaxation
• Helps relieve symptoms of insomnia and anxiety
• Promotes focus and attention
• Can get hot at times and require sleeping under fan or AC in summer
• Limited weight options
• Not too many color options available
• Somewhat expensive
Weighted blanket is an effective solution for people who struggle with stress and anxiety related sleep problems, difficulty relaxing and falling asleep, staying asleep for longer and restlessness.
The blanket is designed keeping scientific methods in mind and lives up to its claims of relaxing and calming the body to induce better and instant sleep. It is an excellent choice for those who deal with insomnia and anxiety and can also be used for general stress relief and help in falling asleep faster.