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How the weighted blankets can be helpful in pregnancy?

How the weighted blankets can be helpful in pregnancy?
No matter what, but a mother wants the best for the baby in this whole world. You can never ever be careless while you are pregnant and you know that you are going to be a mother soon. At that time you know that whatever you will do, it is going to impact the baby. When the baby is still in the womb, everybody around you is concerned with the safety and health of the baby.
You need to stay from anything that will make you anxious and will affect your health and the baby’s. You need to stay away from depression and insomnia. Your sleep is the most important part of taking care of your baby’s health. There are some medications that end up causing you the insomnia and restlessness. It is obvious that while pregnancy, you go through a lot of phases.
There are many therapies to get peaceful sleep, and it is also suggested to get yourself treated with the natural alternatives. The reason behind going for natural remedies and alternatives is that their affect is long term beneficial for your health. The natural alternatives does not have any sort of side effects as well. It is obvious that before using any thing as a remedy you would do a complete research on it that whether it is beneficial for your health or not. One of the helpful things are using a weighted blanket to make yourself sleep well. The benefits of weighted blankets are known since ages that it makes you sleep better due to the firm pressure it creates. But, many people are concerned with the fact that whether it is safe while pregnancy or not.
It’s been ages that weighted blankets have been used for the purpose of natural relaxation, it is a kind of tool that makes you sleep easily and ends up keeping you feel relieved. The weighted blankets are made in a way that they have the benefit of DPT (Deep Pressure Touch). It works as a therapy that is especially for the purpose of making you relax and you would not feel difficulty in sleeping.
As far as the question is concerned, that the weighted blankets are safe while you are pregnant or they are harmful? The answer to this question is that they are completely safe. They are even better for the pregnant ladies because the Deep pressure touch create a pressure of weight on your body that is like a magical therapy for the ease of your body. You will be able to deal with a lot of discomforts of pregnancy by using this.
What is the science behind the weighted blanket’s benefits?
As we have already mentioned that pregnancy is one of the most important and crucial part of a woman’s life. You need to be extra careful and keep yourself healthy. You do need to go for medications in case you are facing sleepless nights, weighted blankets are one of the natural remedies to comfort you.
As far as you are concerned, you should not make up your mind without giving it a try. In case you are convinced that you should go for a weighted blanket then there are few things that you should know about the weighted blankets and their benefits.
The working of weighted blankets:
You need to understand that how they work ad can be beneficial for you. It is been already discuss that they are designed in a way that they create a sheer pressure on your body. If we talk about it in detail, you can see that the pressure created by the weighted blanket is a form of tactile or proprioceptive input. This pressure is exerted across the boy equally. The effect that is given by the weighted blanket can be easily compare with cuddling or a warm hug.
Talking about it in simple terms, one can say that the pressure created by the weighted blankets gently strokes the points in your body that are known as the sensory points. After that the body itself activates the autonomic nervous system. This will motivate the release of neurotransmitters known as the serotonin and the melatonin.
In other words there are also known as the happy hormones. These are known as the happy hormones because they are responsible for the happy moods, creates a calm in your body, which will end up in improvement of sleep.
How the weighted blankets help in dealing with Anxiety:
Mixed emotions and mood swings are normal in pregnancy, even the anxiety seems normal. But this affects your sleep. The weighted blankets can help you with this, because if you will get enough sleep you will always wake up fresh and feeling well.
The pressure that is created by the weighted blanket on your boy is very firm and is not too much that will cause any harm to you. In order to get better and enough sleep you can use it, you will feel like that someone is hugging you warmly. It puts your body into ease and comfort, you will safe and secure under the pressure of the blanket. It is not that nobody uses it, there are many people around the globe that use weighted blankets throughout their life. They claim that it keeps them calm and safe. They feel so relaxed through put the day.
End note:
In the ancient times till few years back there was no concept of the light weight blankets. The reason was none other than the benefits that the weighted blanket has to offer. In case you have any doubts you can ask the elderly people who still prefer to sleep under the weighted blanket.
In the winters there is nothing more peaceful than sleeping under a weighted blanket. You will feel like working out in the morning, it keeps your mood so fresh. Keeps you away from all the depression and anxiety. Give it a try once and decide for yourself.