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What Happened When My Hyperactive Daughter Tried A Weighted Blanket?

What Happened When My Hyperactive Daughter Tried A Weighted Blanket?
I have been hearing about weighted blanket for quite a while now and every time I hear about
it, I think of giving it a shot for my daughter.
Since the birth, my daughter has been a hyperactive child. I have always struggled to put her to
sleep, and still to this date she gives me a hard time. Plus, when she is distressed, it’s just a matter of
seconds for her to turn from normal to super angry.
My daughter always found comfort when she was wrapped in a couple of blankets (“like a
shawarma”, which is what we would call her when she was younger). So, when our family planned to try
weighted blankets, I and her father were very excited for the experiment.
What is a Weighted Blanket?
Well, if you haven’t heard of weighted blankets before, they are not a rocket science. In fact,
they simply look like regular blankets. There are various materials used in the making of weighted
blankets. Most popular materials are chenille, fleece, cotton or flannel. The weight is given by little
micro-pellets which are woven into the blanket. We got our first weighted blanket from YNM and we
chose the size by reading guidelines on their website which were very helpful.
Weighted blankets are getting very popular these days and many websites claim that weighted
blankets help with the issues like sensory processing disorder, anxiety, ADHD and many similar
disorders. The Blankets helps in generating “proprioceptive input” in our bodies which assists the brain
to release neurotransmitter like serotonin and dopamine.
This is not just an advertising strategy to gather more customers. Infact, these are some real
facts as many studies have backed up these claims. A study published in Occupational Therapy in Mental
health showed that weighted blankets helped in reducing anxiety in 63% of the participants, whereas
78% participants accepted that the blankets gave them a calming and comforting feel. Another study
found that people who used weighted blankets experienced significantly less distress and anxiety than
those who did not.
Did the Blanket Help My Daughters Distress?
My daughter’s weighted blanket arrived a couple of weeks ago and she has been using it ever
since. Before using it, we were a little concerned about its weight. We thought that it would be too
heavy for her. My daughter was also a worried that the blanket might overheat her in the night and she
is sensitive to heat. But fortunately, everything went smoothly and nothing wrong happened. The
pressure exerted by the blanket was very mild and did not overheat my daughter.
When my daughter woke up after using the weighted blanket for the first time, everyone was
asking about how she had slept? “They are pretty comfortable”, she told us. They are not as hot as you’d
think. They have a perfect middle ground temperature, not too warm or too cold. They are made for
both spring and winter seasons as they are not too cold in winter and not too hot in the spring. My
super-choosy daughter was vouching for it so it must be true.
Now it was time for the real test. Would a weighted blanket help my daughter to sleep better,
and help her when she was upset and distressed?
My daughter has been using the weighted blanket for over a month now and the answer to the
above question is a big “Yes!”. My daughter told me, “It magically puts me to sleep”.
Now did the blanket help my daughter relax when she was distressed? Well my daughter’s
response to it was even more satisfying. I have myself witnessed her to just go in her room and get
inside her blanket and start to settle down whenever she seemed disturbed.
“It really helps me get less stressed when I’m upset” my daughter told me.
My Review
As a mom, my reviews are pretty much alike my daughter. Well, obviously weighted blankets do
not have any kind of magic that will cure everything that is making you sick or upset. But they are
definitely a very soothing and people should really give it a try. I like the fact that this cool weighted
blanket has opened up a conversation for my daughter and myself about self-care and emotions. It is a
great thing that she can determine how she is feeling and know that there are tools present to help her
control the “big feelings”.
Interesting thing is that I myself have spent a little time under my daughters weighted blanket.
Although size and fitting are not perfect for me but I don’t care. It is extremely comfy and cozy. It’s like
getting inside a little cocoon, wrapped up. If it was up to me, I would never get out of it, but too bad
things like work, chores and laundry exist.