Weighted blanket

Improve Your Sleep And Reduce Anxiety Using A Weighted Blanket

Improve Your Sleep And Reduce Anxiety Using A Weighted Blanket
The weighted blanket will do the magic, whether you’re looking for a natural way to treat your
anxiety, a simple way to appease a child with autism, or simply to explore a better way to help
you and your baby!
What Is Weighted Or Gravity Blanket?
As you would anticipate, weighted blankets are particularly intended to be heavier than a
standard blanket or duvet. These gravity blankets classically weigh as much as 5 to 25 kilos and
are often filled with natural materials or plastic beads, giving gravity blanket a texture similar to
that of baby toys.
Benefits Of The Weighted Blanket
Still skeptical that weighted blanket will make a difference to your quality of life? These benefits
may convince you otherwise.

  1. Reduces Anxiety
    Whatever your age, the weighted blanket is a sure way to lower your stress level and help you
    reach a state of relaxation. A study of the success of weighted 15-kilogram blankets revealed
    that nearly 50 % partakers reported very lower levels of nervousness or anxiety after wrapping
    themselves in this gravity blanket. Research shows that weighted blankets can be particularly
    useful during stressful events, such as a visit to the dentist. Another study showed that these
    blankets produced physiological changes in the nervous system of dental patients, causing
    them to calm down before their appointment. Since study demonstrates even very short
    periods of DTP could chill you down out there, think about keeping a gravity blanket handy
    while you necessitate quick relief.
  2. Fights Insomnia
    You may be skeptical that better coverage will improve your sleep, but the facts show that it is
    certainly possible. A study of insomniac patients found that those who tried to sleep with a
    weighted blanket experienced less agitation at night and more ease falling asleep in the first
    place. The calming effect of a gravity blanket could create a more comfy atmosphere for falling
    into nice asleep by mimicking the very feeling of being tightly wrapped in the bed. This close
    physical bond provides a feeling of warmth and security, allowing the body to relax more easily.
    The weighted blankets are also known to increase serotonin levels. Serotonin is indeed partly in
    charge of your very own body’s melatonin levels, which is actually the chemical that tells your
    body when it’s time to go to sleep
  3. Reduce Stress Before Sleep
    Wrapping yourself in a weighted blanket before you relax can reduce your production of
    cortisol, a stress hormone that usually triggers the fight or flight reaction in your body. Excess
    cortisol production actually adds stress to the immune system; it increases the sugar levels as
    well as decreases the efficiency of your digestive system. However, studies show that leaving
    your body soothed while you sleep with a weighted blanket amazon can reduce the production
    of cortisol while you sleep which facilitates high-quality relaxation and decreases the hazard of
    waking up tired or maybe in pain.
  4. Triggers The Release Of Hormones From Well-Being
    A touch under deep pressure triggers the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and
    serotonin, which are two major hormones of well-being in the brain.These two beneficial
    compounds could fight depression, stress, and anxiety, leaving you with an emotional
    comeback after a brief hug session.
  5. Calm The Nervous System
    In addition to the neurochemical changes they create, cool weighted blanket also improves the
    functioning of the nervous system, which means that covering yourself with a blanket is an
    effective way to be calmed physically and reduce anxiety.
  6. Soothes Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    One of the most effective ways to relieve the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder is to
    improve serotonin production, either through medications or natural methods. Gravity
    blankets are a proven way to increase your serotonin levels, which means they can calm your
    mind to free you from your compulsions.
    Best of all, gravity blanket works well to combat all conditions caused by low levels of
    serotonin, including post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and anger.
    Weighted Blanket Like A Big Hug!
    The medical benefits of regular hugging have been the subject of many studies, and weighted
    blanket can give you similar feelings. Weighted and gravity blanket can trigger the release of
    lovely oxytocin, a great hormone, which slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and
    promotes relaxation.
    Choose The Right Cool Weighted Blanket
    Ready to try a weighted blanket? These blankets may represent a bit of an investment, so it’s
    best to do your research in advance so that you buy the right type for you. When buying a weighted blanket, it’s often best to choose one that is made from all-natural fibers, such as a
    100% cotton blanket.
    Lastly, regardless of the weight of the blanket you choose to use, you’ll probably be surprised at
    how quickly it works to calm your heart rate and soothe your anxiety. Lots of people can testify,
    once you start using a weighted blanket to relieve stress.