Weighted blanket

Everything You Need to Know about Gravity Blankets

Everything You Need to Know about Gravity Blankets.

For years, many people did not know that gravity blankets (weighted blankets) existed. Until last year, some celebrities raved about the product, retail stores nationwide began selling variations of the heavy sheets, and by the end of 2018, weighted blankets were on practically every gift guide on the internet.

And according to YnM, one of the weighted blanket industry’s most celebrated companies, sales of the gravity blankets are expected to increase in 2019.

You might want to know more about this popular gift, here are the answers.

What is a gravity blanket?

Dr. Temple Grandin, an animal behaviour expert with autism, was among the first to note that deep-pressure touch calmed the central nervous systems of both animals and humans with sensory sensitivities. The stimulation allows the improvement of serotonin and melatonin levels, decrease in the level of cortisol, enhancement and promotion of mood and overall sleep quality.Her research led to the development of the weighted blanket.

What is a gravity blanket made up of?

A weighted blanket is filled with poly pellets, weighted discs, or glass beads, weighted blankets are heavier than standard blankets, and they apply pressure across the body to promote relaxation.

YnM Weighted Blankets come filled with non-toxic, and odorless glass beads to replicate weight.

Can gravity blankets be used as an alternative to medication and therapies?

It’s important to keep in mind, that although gravity blankets can help with relaxation and self-regulation, gravity blankets are a complementary tool and should not replace medication and appropriate medical supervision.

What size should I get?

A gravity blanket is engineered to be roughly 8% – 12% of body weight so as to help in providing natural source of relaxation to the nervous system and stress reduction via the stimulation that of being held or hugged.

Can I use a gravity blanket for pets?

Yes! To calm your dog from thunderstorms or fireworks, you can feel free to cover your pet with weighted blankets. You can use a 5 lb. blanket for a small to medium sized dog or a 10 lb. blanket for a large dog.

Is the gravity blanket machine washable?

We recommend washing only the duvet cover for the blanket, as it is much lighter, easier to dry, protects your inner blanket, and increases the weighted blanket’s longevity. If you do decide to wash the weighted blanket itself, we recommend washing it by hand with cold water and letting it air dry.

Is the gravity blanket hot in the summer?

If you purchased the gravity blanket without the duvet cover, it is fine for the summer months, as it is designed for weight, not warmth. If you purchased the blanket with the duvet cover and you are a warm sleeper, you can always take the duvet cover off.

What is difference between Heavy Quilts and gravity blankets?

A heavy quilt has high down content, usually wool. A great example of it would be your grandma’s old and ultra-thick woolen blanket. But being warm and comfortable won’t be enough to reach the “therapeutic” status some people need, even if you fold it for times, and place it on you, It wouldn’t provide nearly as much pressure as a weighted blanket aims to.

A weighted blanket is specifically designed to be really heavy, and to put pressure on your body. And because of the fillings sewn into its quilted pockets, it can weight a lot, even if it has a small size.

Can I bring my weighted blanket on a plane?

It depends. It is OK in United States. According to TSA our weighted blankets are allowed through the security checkpoint in the United States. If you are traveling internationally, we advise reaching out to the airline and/or the country you are visiting for more information on security procedures
outside of the U.S.

Are there any reasons for someone who shouldn’t use a gravity blanket?

Numerous researches have been done, and only a couple showed some side effects of weighted blankets. Others revealed that the blankets are great at aiding in dealing with certain health conditions, including autism.

If you are investing in a weighted comforter to try another option for solving a health condition, make sure you know your diagnosis well and talk to your therapist about the proper weight of the blanket for you.

As long as you choose the correct weight, you’re less likely to experience any uncomfortable effects.

Pay attention to the blanket’s filling and the fabric it’s made of. These are two critical factors that can play a significant role in how efficient and soothing your weighted quilt will be.

Last but most important — Safety:
● Please never use a gravity blanket to someone who does not have the ability to remove the blanket on their own.
● Please place the weighted blanket out of reach when you are not home.
● Please do not cover your face with this blanket, as it is heavier than standard blankets.