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Comfort Your Anxious Dog with a Weighted Blanket & Vest

Comfort Your Anxious Dog with a Weighted Blanket & Vest.

Anxiety isn’t a good time for anyone. That goes for humans, but it also goes for our furry pals. Anxiety is common among dogs for a wide variety of reasons, sometimes situational and sometimes based on personality. Anxiety comes about through different fears or phobias, and is expressed through various behaviors including constant barking, excessive licking or grooming, destroying everything from clothes to walls and door frames, eliminating indoors even when housebroken, or even reacting snappish or aggressively toward people or other animals.

If your dog has ever expressed signs of anxiety, you might want to look into a weighted blanket or a weighted vest for him!

Weighted blankets have been a common anxiety treatment for humans for years. They work because of something called Deep Touch Pressure, or DTP. Basically, it’s the idea that gentle, distributed pressure on the body, in the form of a weighted blanket, a weighted vest or even a big hug, has certain physiological benefits. It’s been shown to increase serotonin, which regulates moods, blood pressure and heart rate, and decrease cortisol, which contributes to stress. The same idea is implemented with dogs too! Offering pressure similar to that of a hug, the weighted blankets & vests offers a constant sense of secure comfort. The deep pressure sensation is designed to offer dogs warm, gentle pressure, similar to the sensation of being held by a loving family member!

Weighted Blankets & Vests offer many benefits to people; they also do some good things for our four legged friends:

➔ Help calm an overactive dog. Do you take your dog for a walk, or does your dog take you for a drag? If you have a hard time keeping up with your dog on a walk, the extra weight will help calm them down. While you are out walking with your dog, the extra weight will also help them build muscle.

➔ Help increase exercise. If you have a dog that is very active, the weighted vest is a good way to help them burn off some extra energy while they are running around the back yard. If you have a dog that is overweight, a weighted vest can help your friend get back to a healthy weight.

➔ Help calm an anxiety prone dog. For dogs that are a little more nervous, the weighted blankets can help to calm them down, like a hug from their owner! The extra weight will tire them out a little more, making them calmer in situations below where they would normally be anxious.
◆ Long car rides
◆ Calm sensation during nail trimming
◆ Help with separation anxiety
◆ Visiting company or strangers
◆ When you are at work and the dog is home alone
◆ Cure for restless sleep
◆ Calm escape from other barking, aggressive animals
◆ Calm escape during loud thunderstorms

➔ Help focus and burn energy in aggressive dogs. Extra energy can also make some dogs a little more aggressive. The weighted vest can help them with any behavior issues they may have.

Also there are a few things you should have in mind when you put a weighted blanket & vest to your dog:

● Dogs under two years old are still growing, and adding extra weight could add too much stress on the puppy. You also don’t want to add any more than ten to twenty percent of your dogs’ weight to the vest. That will depend on how riled up they are or how much you want to work them out.
● If your dog seems uncomfortable with a weighted blanket, skip it and try something else. Weighted Thunder Shirts or anxiety vests might work better for nervous dogs who don’t like weighted blankets.Regardless of what you choose, makes sure to monitor your pet closely.
● The best weighted blanket for your dog is one that weighs no more than 10 percent of their body weight, just like those for humans. If your pup weighs 40 pounds, for instance, pick a blanket that weighs four pounds or less.

The Weighted Blankets & Vests for dogs, which are typically sold for $100 to $300 on Amazon. Also you can DIY a weighted blankets & vests for your dog if you thought the weighted blankets & vest may be expensive to buy. When you are making your own, you can customize it to your own dog’s needs and you can choose the fabric you want for it. Fabrics should be durable but light so your dog does not get too hot in it. Give it plenty of pockets, so you can add all of the appropriate weights in the right places.

So, if you find that a weighted blanket is a calming solution for your anxious pup, then carry on — just make sure to supervise them when using it.