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The Best Mother’s Day Gift – Use a YnM Weighted Blanket to Give Your Beloved Mother A Gentle Hug All Night

The Best Mother’s Day Gift – Use a YnM Weighted Blanket 

to Give Your Beloved Mother A Gentle Hug All Night

Mother’s Day is Coming

Consider this job posting:”No degree or prior experience required; salary and hours non-negotiable; no paid benefits; lifelong tenure.” Their job title is Mom. Mothers give up a lot upon entering motherhood: their waistlines, sleep, the backseat of their cars, years of peace and quiet. They’d even give their lives.

It’s almost time for Mother’s Day, get some nice gifts for the moms and grandmas in your life that do so much and mean even more. However it’s always a tough time for us since it’s so difficult for us to come up with the perfect gift! Here I am going to introduce the best Mother’s Day Gift in my opinion: YnM Weighted Blanket , the magic blanket will bring your mother a nice sleep every night.

What is a Weighted Blanket

Like the name indicates, weighted blankets are made with added weight so that they feel heavier than a typical blanket. The science behind Weighted blankets is called Deep pressure touch stimulation (or DPTS). This is a type of therapy that almost anyone can benefit from. DTPS can mimic the feeling of being hugged, swaddled or cradled. DTPS also triggers the production of the “feel-good hormone” serotonin, which calms anxiety, relieves stress, and can even lull them into a sound sleep. Try to imagine a mom calm down her crying baby with her gentle hug, the way is always very effective and that is what exactly DPTS means.

Nowadays more and more people have realized weighted blankets are great in helping overcome typical sleep issues and anxieties.That is why I suggest a weighted blanket as a perfect gift for your mom on the special day.

On Mother’s Day, let me guess, you will definitely give your mom a warm hug and flowers as well. It is very sweet but not enough, it will be perfect if you can prepare a YnM weighted blanket as a gift for your mom at same time. A weighted blanket can hug your mom whole night and take your mom to a very solid sleep everyday, just like your mom hugged you to sleep when you were a baby.

Why YnM Weighted Blanket?

YnM Weighted blanket provides high quality and best budget-friendly weighted blankets on Amazon. As one of the best sellers, YnM got 4.4 out of 5 stars and over 3000 customer reviews on Amazon. Their reasonable prices, high quality and good reviews are really attractive to the visitors coming to their Amazon store. 

Unlike other weighted blanket suppliers, YnM has three unique features which make it stand out. 1. YnM blanket is made of high-quality breathable cotton with hypoallergenic glass beads sewn in pockets of the inner layer. This gives a smoother sensation and is reasonably quiet compared to plastic materials. The weighted blanket functions well to help reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. This is due to the effect of deep pressure touch, where the glass beads stimulate the release of feel-good hormones in the brain.2. YnM has the ability to produce a unique 7-layer weighted blanket. YnM’s 7-layer system is designed to comfortably surround your body and form to your shape while you sleep and the MORE glass beads & LESS fiber fill design offers better temperature control.3. YnM blanket is covered by a 3-year customer satisfaction guarantee, the longest on Amazon.

YnM weighted blanket has helped plenty of people get better sleep. Several customers said the difference was night and day, and they went from difficulty falling and staying asleep to being able to get to sleep quickly and stay asleep through the night. It will be no mistake to trust a vendor who got so many good reviews. 

Choose the Perfect Weight & Size Blankets for Your Mother

The two most important criteria for choosing a weighted blanket are weight and size. Knowing your mom’s body dimensions before selecting a weighted blanket for your mom will help you safeguard your investment because a weighted blanket must be chosen based on the body dimensions of the intended user. 

Weighted blankets can weigh anywhere from 2 to 30 pounds and conform to the shape of your body for a hugging sensation. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend roughly 10-12% of the body weight as the starting point. For example, 15 lbs blanket is suitable for 90-150 lbs individual, 20 lbs blanket is suitable for 150-200 lbs individual. Also you can get the instructions of weight & size from the blanket websites, such as: YnM Weighted Blankets. 

Final Thoughts.

Mother’s Day is one of those celebrations we should take time out of our busy lives to recognize.YnM Weighted blankets are special in its own way which never fails to add magic into the special day. So, the time is here to make your mom feel how much you really love and care for your mom.