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Are Weighted Blankets Too Hot for the Summer?

Are Weighted Blankets Too Hot for the Summer?

If you are suffering from poor sleep, possibly caused by anxiety, a weighted therapy blanket can help you sleep at night. Research shows that this type of deep pressure is effective in relaxing the body.

But the idea of a weighted blanket for summer may be a concern. Are weighted blankets hot?  This is a supremely common question. It’s a stereotype now for people to believe that a somewhat thick blanket which also has a lot of filling and beads inside will make them extremely hot and may not be the best choice for the sweltering heat. 

But that’s just a misconception. Gone are the days when bedding used to be just bedding! We are living in the age of technology and this idea has reached our comforters as well. These blankets are specially designed with glass beads that do not retain heat as well as very thinly sliced batting – the filling inside the blanket itself- that will not heat overnight.

Weighted blankets can be hot, but they can also be incredibly breathable. The key difference here is what fabric is used to construct the weighted blanket. 

Weighted blanket created with flannel or fleece may create too much heat although these fabric may feel soft to the touch . That’s because those fibres are not natural fibres so the fabric doesn’t breathe well — trapping body heat under the blanket. This isn’t ideal in summer, if you’re sensitive to heat, like to sleep at a certain temperature or suffer from night sweats.

Weighted blankets that are made out of cotton are breathable, meaning that any heat that is released from the person while sleeping will dissipate into the room. Cotton weighted blankets are a great choice for anyone who runs hot or lives in a warm environment and does not require their weighted blanket to be warming.

Best Weighted Blanket for Hot Weather – YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket with 100% Natural Bamboo Viscose

You can find many “cooling weighted blanket” on internet. Per my opinion,

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket is the best one, here are some points.● Made from 100% natural bamboo viscose that absorbs body heat and wicks away moisture.● The 300 thread count of bamboo viscose feels cool to the touch, but not cold enough to be uncomfortable to sleep under. ● This blanket is perfect for hot sleepers who tend to sweat a lot under minky and cotton fabrics.● Doesn’t stay cool all night.Just like the other side of the pillow, the cooling eventually warms up. The blanket stays cold for 15-20 minutes as you fall asleep before it begins to regulate to your body temperature. ● The weights are from glass beads, range from 5 lbs. to 25 lbs. ● Comes in a variety of beautiful colors to match your bedroom decor, rather than detract from it. ● YnM is one of the best sellers on Amazon, got 4.5 out of 5 with over 3000 reviews.● The best budget-friendly cooling weighted blanket, costs you no more than US$100.

Tips To Stay Cool When Using A Weighted Blanket● Make Sure The Room Is Cool – It may sound obvious, but even if you have the most breathable fabric in the world, if the room you are sleeping is hot then you are going to be hot. Turn down the temperature, turn up the AC, keep a fan going, and strip away any unnecessary blankets. Making your bedroom cool can also help improve your sleep.● Let Your Feet Stick Out – Keeping your feet outside of the blanket can help you stay cool while you sleep. Start with one and if you are still hot, let both of your feet out from underneath the weighted blanket.● Use The Water Bottle Trick – This is an old camping trick that is extremely useful. Fill a water bottle with cold water and then keep it underneath your weighted blanket as you sleep – just make sure it is a high-end water bottle that won’t leak. This will help keep you cool all night.● Unplug All Electronics – This may seem like a small thing, but when you leave electronics plugged in all night they continuously draw a small amount of electricity, and this sets off heat. Unplug everything in your room before you go to bed – it is good for the environment and your room will be a bit colder.

Bottom Line

Give weighted blanket therapy a try. Don’t just assume the blanket will make you hot without first-hand experience. If overwhelming stress and anxiety are issues for you, you really owe it to yourself to see if this helps!