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Improve Sleep with a Weighted Blanket? Here’s My Story

Improve Sleep with a Weighted Blanket? Here’s My Story

Sleep disorders are a growing issue within the United States. Between 50 and 70 million adults sleep disorders that make it difficult for them to get a full night’s rest, according to the American Sleep Association. Many suffer from sleep disorders, and about 30 percent of American adults say they have some form of insomnia.

Weighted blankets are the ultimate relaxing and sleep improvement tool. If you’re unfamiliar, a weighted blanket uses Deep Pressure Stimulation to mimic the feeling of being hugged for a sense of calmness and security – the same way a baby benefits from being swaddled. A study from the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders reveals the positive link between using a weighted blanket and tackling insomnia. When participants used the blanket, they found it easier to fall and stay asleep, providing an innovative and drug-free tool to help improve sleep quality.

The first time I tried a weighted blanket was at the beginning of this year. I’d been having some trouble sleeping. My body sometimes releases the stress hormone cortisol at inappropriate times. Meaning that I’ll become wired at 3 am as a boost of cortisol wakes me from sound sleep. Then I learned that people sleep with a weighted blanket to reduce stress and sleep better. And so I thought I would give it a try. And see if a weighted blanket could calm my extra cortisol enough for better sleep.

Finding the right blanket is not a easy job. Weighted blankets are often not well-stocked in local stores. Instead, they can be ordered online through individual company sites or, even easier, through Amazon. But there were so many to choose from. And some are quite expensive. After a long time searching and comparing, finally I decided to buy a YnM Weighted Blanket 2.0 because of its reasonable prices, high quality and good reviews. As one of the best sellers on Amazon, YnM got 4.4 out of 5 stars and over 3000 customer reviews on Amazon, this weighted blanket has helped plenty of people get better sleep.

The YnM Weighted Blanket 2.0 is made from super-soft, 100% cotton-fabric blankets filled with thinner polyfill and premium glass beads. The price for the blanket is only US$70, the best budget-friendly heavy blanket on Amazon. The YnM Weighted Blanket 2.0 weighs 15 pounds, exactly fits for me. The ideal weighted blanket should be about 10% of your body weight plus an extra couple of pounds. Since I weigh about 125 pounds, I chose a blanket that was 15 pounds. 10% if 125 is 12.5 plus 2 extra pounds equals about 15 pounds. YnM 2.0 is a twin sized blanket, 48”x72”. I have a queen size bed. But I ultimately opted for a twin size blanket. In the end, that was the right choice. This way it only covers me and not my husband. If my husband were to get one of these blankets, he’d choose a heavier one anyway.
The first night I tried it, I was a bit overwhelmed by sleeping under something so heavy. It felt like I was sleeping under a huge sack of sand. And so I felt a little uncomfortable. But luckily I didn’t give up. Because this discomfort was momentary.

I learned to make some adjustments. Some nights I had to turn the on the air conditioning to cool the room from the extra heat. Other nights I only had the weighted blanket go up to my stomach, leaving my upper body free. The more I slept with it, the more weight I could handle.

The last couple nights I’ve slept comfortably with it up to my shoulders. And over the week, it has actually started feeling a bit lighter – but in totally a good way. Like it feels heavy, but not uncomfortably so.

After using a weighted blanket, I think I’ve been sleeping significantly better. I do still wake up during the night. But instead of tossing and turning, I’m now falling back to sleep quickly. Before when I’d wake up, I’d kind of panic. And I’d be filled with anxiety about not falling back to sleep. But under the stress-reducing weighted blanket, I’ve been a lot more chill. Which I believe is what’s helping me fall back to sleep so easily.

In addition, I’m sure the weighted blanket will be really cozy in winter. And I imagine this might be insufferable on the really hot days of summer. But to me, turning on the air conditioning is a small price to pay for better quality sleep. So I’ll say that my weighted blanket is a keeper. It helps me feel more relaxed, and assists with better quality restful sleep.

It is time for you to get a weighted blanket. Happy Sleeping!