Weighted blanket

Weighted Blankets, A Great Gift For Seniors

Weighted Blankets, A Great Gift For Seniors

Poor sleep is a common complaint of the elderly. Up to 40% of older adults complain about poor sleep quality. They may have trouble getting to sleep or wake frequently during the night. There are many reasons older adults can have sleep problems, including anxiety, a sleep disorder, or health conditions that make sleep difficult.If you’re already there, a possible solution might be a weighted blanket – a blanket specially designed to calm the senses, soothe stresses, and help you find that good night’s sleep again.

Why is this good?

A weighted blanket is a blanket that have a special lining that makes them weigh more than the average blanket. The materials used to make the blankets heavy varies by manufacturer, but plastic pellets and glass beads are commonly used. The science behind weighted blankets involves their use of deep pressure touch therapy, which is what the extra weight on the body does. If you have ever cuddled under a fluffy down blanket, or you feel calm and relaxed while zipped up in a heavy sleeping bag, you have probably already experienced the benefits of deep pressure touch therapy. 

Deep pressure stimulation (DPS)  is known to provide many potential benefits, including:● A sense of calm that can last up to a few hours after therapy● Decreased anxiety when practiced regularly● Increased happiness● Improved social interactions● Increased communicativeness● Better sleep● Improved focus● Lowered incidence of seizures● Lowered hypersensitivity to touch● Improved ability to tolerate the school environment● Decrease in self injury

DPS also triggers the production of the “feel-good hormone” serotonin, which calms anxiety, relieves stress, and can even lull them into a sound sleep. Some caregivers of Alzheimer’s or dementia patients report that their charges settle down when covered with one of these blankets. Anxiety seems to just float away!

Scientific evidence of weighted blankets

(1) According to a study conducted by Occupational Therapy, 32 adults were using 30 pound of weighted blanket. 63 percent of participants reported lower anxiety, 33 percent reported lowering in electrodermal activity (EDA)  and 78 percent chose weighted blanket to feel calm and relieved.

(2) In a study published in Australasian Psychiatry, in 2012, individuals suffering from anxiety reported that their stress has been reduced significantly as compared to those who didn’t.

(3) Tori Boucher, a counsellor of Autism Spectrum Disorder explained to the Medical Daily that the Native Americans and other indigenous tribes would wrap their babies in a swaddle or cradle board. A number of hospitals and birthing centres have now started adopting this using weighted blankets.

(4) Dr. Temple Grandin in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology explained that light touch alerts the nervous system as opposite to the soothing effect of deep pressure.

Choose the right weighted blankets for seniors

Weighted blankets should be selected in the weight and size to just cover the person, not the bed. If the blanket is too large and hangs over the side of the bed as a normal blanket would, it will most likely end up in a jumble on the floor.

The blankets weigh anywhere from 4 to 30 pounds. Usually, manufacturers recommend purchasing a blanket that weighs about 10 percent of the individual’s body weight. For seniors, a lighter weight (such as 5 lbs) may be enough to give the added comfort. And, these wonder blankets come in small sizes so they can easily cover a lap also when sitting.

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The bottom line

Whether the added blanket weight feels like a hug or is just a thing of comfort, weighted blankets are worth a try if you’re dealing with an elderly loved one who has problems resting.