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Worry About Forgetfulness As A Youth? You Need A Weighted Blanket To Ensure

Worry About Forgetfulness As A Youth? You Need A Weighted Blanket To Ensure 

A Good Night’s Sleep

Though memory loss has traditionally been understood as an affliction of the elderly, recent studies have shown that a significant number of people begin having trouble with remembering things before they have even entered middle age.

In June, a study of 18,614 people conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles found that 14 percent of people aged 18-39 admitted to experiencing memory problems. For people aged 60-99, this number was 26 percent. A similar survey in China, conducted by news portal ifeng.com in which more than 80 percent of the 71,722 respondents were under the age of 50, found that 45 percent of those surveyed admitted to frequently experiencing lapses of memory.

Reasons For Forgetfulness In Young People

For the youth who concerned about losing their memory, there’s some good news: the odds are slim that your memory problems are being caused by the early onset of a neurological problem like dementia or Alzheimer’s  since you’re not elderly.

Rather, forgetfulness at a young age is mostly about time management and overwork. Forgetfulness at a young age may happen because you have too many things to do. When you multitask, it is very hard for you to fcous and pay attention to just one thing— and when the mind is otherwise engaged on other topics, the individual does not pay attention to enough a degree to be able to recall things later on. Psychology experts attribute this to modern lifestyle habits ( the overloading of information ) and people’s increasing dependence on technology to do the thinking for them.

Improve Your Memory With A Good Night’s Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is perhaps the greatest unappreciated cause of forgetfulness. Too little restful sleep can also lead to mood changes and anxiety, which in turn contribute to problems with memory. 

Healthy sleep puts us in the right state of mind to take in information as we go about the day. Not only that, we need a good night’s sleep to process and retain that information over the long term. Sleep actually triggers changes in the brain that solidify memories—strengthening connections between brain cells and transferring information from one brain region to another.

Sleep also helps us synthesize new ideas, not just remember the old ones. While you’re sleeping, pieces of knowledge can be pulled together from different experiences and parts of the brain to create novel concepts or “ah ha” moments. That’s a big help when you’re trying to solve a problem or make an advance in your work.

A good night’s sleep is essential for improving our memory. But the sad truth is that more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, according to a new study in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC). For those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, a weighted blanket can really help them improve the quality of sleep.

Invest in a Weighted Blanket for a Good Night’s Sleep

The weighted blanket is a popular therapeutic product  came from Deep Pressure Therapy. Unlike a regular blanket, a weighted blanket contains non-toxic glass beads, sewn into self-contained tiny compartments evenly incorporated throughout the blanket. These glass beads add enough weight to a blanket, which is usually around 10% over the user’s body weight. The extra weight puts pressure on the nervous system which immediately calms the mind and body. According to the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, studies have shown that weighted blankets help people fall asleep faster and get more deep sleep.

Weighted blankets have become more mainstream in the last few years, with rave reviews touting their many benefits. More companies are making them, and the media is promoting them as helpful for stress, trouble sleeping, and as great gifts. The reason for this mass acceptance is because more and more people have realized they are great in helping overcome typical sleep issues and anxieties. 

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