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Poor Sleep Could Lower Your Sex Drive — Then You Might Need

Poor Sleep Could Lower Your Sex Drive — Then You Might Need 

A Weighted Blanket 

For many women married to workaholic husbands, a lack of interest in the bedroom can be a problem. But researchers may have come up with the answer to a lack of sex – a good night’s sleep.

A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine followed nearly 4,000 men and women in their early- to mid-60s for a year and found that poor sleep was associated with erectile dysfunction for men, and arousal problems and orgasmic difficulty for women.  True, these were older folks, who are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea and overall health issues that might impact their slumber. But sleep apnea is on the rise in younger generations — especially in men — and guess what, guys? No matter what your age, a lack of sleep impacts your levels of testosterone. Low levels of testosterone can lead to a lack of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.

Here’s how those are connected

Testosterone is your body’s natural mojo. It’s what gives you that needed boost of energy and keeps you vitalized and horny. How much you sleep directly impacts your T levels. So you’re not just cranky when you don’t sleep — you’re trashing your manly energy. A study from the University of Chicago measured men’s sleep time and quality through high-tech wristbands. Testosterone was measured right when the subjects awoke in the morning. Men who slept four hours showed significantly lower T levels than those who had slept eight hours. In other words, all of those long nights and early mornings can’t possibly be worth getting less action. You should be doing all things with your T levels in mind. It’s what makes you tick.

American Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get between seven to nine hours of it nightly. This is nonnegotiable. And you can’t just sleep three hours one night and 10 the next, either. You need consistency so you don’t ruin your game.

Don’t worry, you can boost your libido by sleeping more

Conversely, getting a good night’s sleep can increase desire. And sleep helps you “clear” yourself of unpleasant experiences from the day, such as an irate boss or a missed deadline, and allows you to relax and enjoy the moment with your partner. 

A recent study found that the longer women slept, the more interested in sex they were the next day. Just one extra hour of sleep led to a 14 percent increase in the chances of having a sexual encounter the following day. Also, in this same study, more sleep was related to better genital arousal. While this study was conducted with college women, those in other life stages have even more interrelated sleep and sex problems. 

Can’t sleep well? Try a weighted blanket!

As we all know, sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Yet millions of people do not get enough sleep and many suffer from lack of sleep. For example, surveys conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (1999-2004) reveal that at least 40 million Americans suffer from over 70 different sleep disorders and 60 percent of adults report having sleep problems a few nights a week or more.

Fortunately, a hot sleep product nowadays – weighted blankets could help those suffering from sleep disorders to get a good night’s sleep. A weighted blanket is, well, a blanket with some weight to it.  The blankets work on the principle of  Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation(DPTS), the pressure from a weighted blanket forces the body to relax by a process known as ‘grounding.’ The experience of using a weighted blanket is similar to getting a ‘tight’ hug from a loved one. According to the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, studies have shown that weighted blankets help people fall asleep faster and get more REM sleep which is the stage to generate testosterone. It turns out that your highest levels of that testosterone occur during REM sleep, which is the deep, healing sleep that occurs late in the sleep cycle. Your first REM will last about 10 minutes, but as the night goes on REM stages grow longer, with the final one lasting up to an hour. So, if you don’t sleep long enough to enter REM sleep, you don’t get those restorative levels of circulating testosterone.

If you are going to try a weighted blanket, please remember that the blanket should be no more than 10% of your body weight plus 1 or 2 pounds. There are numerous vendors selling weighted blankets on Amazon. Personally, we recommend YnM Weighted Blanket as the best choice. YnM is one of the best sellers on Amazon, got 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 3000 customer reviews, known for the best price and high quality of their blankets.