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Here is How I Fixed My Sleep Problems — Sleep Under A Weighted Blanket

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Here is How I Fixed My Sleep Problems — Sleep Under A Weighted Blanket

I have serious sleep problems. I would go to bed feeling bone tired, but as soon as I turned off the lights and put my head on the pillow, my body would suddenly come to life. I’m constantly thinking about what I have to tackle on my to-do list the next day. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves me feeling completely drained in the morning. 

Day after day, I felt that I can’t endure high stress levels and a brain that wouldn’t shut off any more, I began to search on Internet and ask for help from my friends to get a better night’s rest (without having to resort to drugs). Then, one close friend of mine sent me an article about Weighted Blankets and told me it could help me a lot. That is my first time to hear of the name of weighted blankets.

After reading the article about the blankets, I spent hours to google the keywords “ weighted blankets”. Weighted blankets are seeing a surge in popularity lately, with many proponents saying they have stress-, anxiety- and insomnia-relieving effects. After getting these knowledge about the hottest sleep product, I decided to give the trend a try. 

What is a weighted blanket and how it works

Like the name indicates, weighted blankets are made with added weight so that they feel heavier than a typical blanket. The weighted blanket is a sleep product came from the Deep Pressure Touch therapy which uses proprioceptive input, or deep touch pressure stimulation, to activate pressure points on the body. These points are connected to relaxation, mood enhancement, and better sleep. If you have ever cuddled under a fluffy down blanket, or you feel calm and relaxed while zipped up in a heavy sleeping bag, you have probably already experienced the benefits of Deep Pressure Touch therapy. 

Because of this deep touch pressure or grounding phenomenon, weighted blankets help people sleep better and have relief from conditions like anxiety, stress and depression. People who struggle with mental health conditions such as ADHD, PTSD, ASD also experience improved quality of sleep which eases their conditions and makes them happier in the long-term. 

Here is what happened to me after using the weighted blanket

There are numerous vendors selling weighted blankets on Internet, however finding the right blanket was a bit overwhelming since there were so many to choose from. I ultimately opted for Twin-size YnM Weighted Blanket 2.0  (15 lbs, 48 x 72 inches), In the end, that was the right choice. The blanket is made from super-soft, 100% cotton-fabric blankets filled with thinner polyfill and premium glass beads. The price for the twin size blanket is only US$70, the best deal I can find on Amazon. And the vendor, YnM, as one of Amazon Best Sellers, known for its best prices,high quality and good reviews. YnM got 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 3000 customer reviews so far.

When I slipped under the 15-pound weighted blanket , I felt like I was wrapped in a cocoon, as if the blanket were hugging me. Although it was possible for me to shift onto my side, the blanket was definitely more snug than my regular comforter, and I felt like it encouraged my body to stay still. Normally, I’m pretty restless in bed, and the act of moving around makes my mind wander. But, because I couldn’t physically move as much, I noticed that my thoughts weren’t racing as much either. I was able to just focus on the present, and that made it easier to fall asleep. I didn’t wake up once in the middle of the night, which is very rare for me and after 7 hours of solid sleep, I felt so refreshed that I didn’t even need to stop for my iced coffee on the way to office.

Also, my dog loves the blanket. I just thought this was funny. My dogs were absolutely obsessed with this blanket which meant I had to share. They weren’t ever allowed under the blanket since it weighs more than they do, but they loved curling up on it. Unlike most of my clothes, the dog fur incredibly barely stuck to the cotton. That’s a big win for dog parents!

Final thoughts

Weighted blankets are an easy, all-natural way to improve your mood, lower stress levels, and fall asleep faster. They use the same concept as swaddling, the constant pressure against the skin provides a womblike feeling, which naturally causes the body to relax and stay relaxed. If you suffer from sensory disorder, autism, anxiety, depression, and even insomnia, the YnM Blanket may have the potential to change the way you sleep at night.