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Lack of Sleep Make You Angry – Weighted Blankets Can Save Your Sleep

Lack of Sleep Make You Angry –  Weighted Blankets Can Save Your Sleep

It’s no secret that lack of sleep can hamper emotional health. We feel irritable, cranky and just generally sensitive to things around us.  A study from Iowa State University reveals that people who lose just a few hours of sleep at night are angrier and less capable of adapting to frustrating situations than people who get adequate rest. 

In the study conducted by Iowa State University, scientists split almost 150 participants into two groups, one that maintained their normal sleep routines, getting on average seven hours of sleep a night, and the other getting only about four-and-a-half hours of sleep a night. They then exposed them to different types of noises, some mild and some irritating. They found that those with less sleep were more prone to anger, in general, but especially when exposed to irritating sounds, suggesting that sleep deprivation can make it harder for people to adapt to frustrating conditions, like wearing an uncomfortable shirt or listening to an incessantly a barking dog.

According to another study from Tel Aviv University in 2015 , researchers showed that sleep loss increased the activation of a set of neurons in the brain called the amygdala, which is responsible for helping us process emotions. This increased activity compromises our ability to handle emotions in a normal manner. When we don’t get enough sleep, we find it difficult to handle feelings. Unimportant things that normally wouldn’t annoy us become significant. In the study, 18 adults had a good night’s sleep and took a test while their brains were being mapped. They took another test after staying awake for an entire night. The findings revealed that when sleep-deprived, the participants overreacted to both neutral and emotional images. By contrast, the same participants were distracted only by the emotional images after sleeping well.

Relationship Between Anger And Poor Sleep

Anger and poor sleep have a reciprocal relationship. Ongoing research has discovered a complicated connection which can, over time, become a vicious cycle. Sleep problems can lead to anger, which then makes sleep even more difficult.

Sleep dysfunction has an impact on all emotional states, but anger appears to be unique. The hormones which are released during sleep, the way our brain functioning slows with sleep loss, and our general mood when we don’t sleep enough all work together to create frustration and anger. 

Just as sleep impacts anger, anger can then make it more difficult to sleep well. Evidence shows that people with an “angry disposition” are more likely to experience sleep dysfunction even as children. This continues into adulthood, when angry individuals find it more difficult to both fall asleep and stay asleep.

Improve Sleep And Deal With Anger By Using A Weighted Blanket

Many options are available when seeking out better sleep, but the most regularly recommended is a powerful sleep tool — a weighted blanket. 

Weighted blanket is a popular therapeutic product  came from Deep Pressure Therapy. Weighted blankets are made with extra weight. It is made up of different materials that make it heavier. The most common ones are glass beads or plastic pellets. Weighted blankets utilize deep pressure touch stimulation. Deep pressure touching is when you apply pressure to your body to increase the release of serotonin, which helps you sleep more comfortably. It is called Deep Pressure-touch Therapy(DTP Therapy).  If you have ever cuddled under a fluffy down blanket, or you feel calm and relaxed while zipped up in a heavy sleeping bag, you have probably already experienced the benefits of Deep Pressure Touch therapy.  Studies have shown that weighted blankets were effective in improving quality and quantity of sleep for participants with insomnia.

In the last few years, as a hot sleep product, weighted blankets have become more mainstream, with rave reviews touting their many benefits. More companies are making them, and the media is promoting them as helpful for stress, trouble sleeping, and as great gifts. The reason for this mass acceptance is because more and more people have realized they are great in helping overcome typical sleep issues and anxieties. 

If you are going to try one, please make sure to choose a blanket with right weight. A weighted blanket can weigh anywhere from five to twenty-five pounds. The rule of thumb for choosing weight is for it to be 10 percent of the user’s body weight, plus a pound or two. So for an 80-pound child, the blanket should be 10 pounds. For an 180-pound adult, you’d need a 20-pound blanket. 

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