No!!! That is a benefit I failed to mention. I tropically get cold so have always gone to bed with too many blankets. Somehow, this senses or something and it is all you need. I just use a sheet and the blanket-sleep with the window open and I am not a bit cold. Same for when it gets hot….I am perfectly comfirtable a… see more By mombarr on September 25, 2017

No if feels cosy, but if you are a hot sleeper it might be too hot. I also got the ynm weighted blanket and it feels cold to touch.

I bought this for my 10-year-old, too. It does not cover like a standard twin size blanket (does not hang down sides or bottom of mattress) — but adequately covers the top of the mattress and covers her body enough to do the trick. Very happy with the purchase so far. (I also bought the cover so we can remove and wash.) By Stephanie M. on August 4, 2017

I have the 48 x 72 inch blanket , which seems to me to be a twin bed size. It would be a good size for a ten year old, with room to grow.

For me, I found this blanket to be too warm didnt get “cooling effect”—-I have bamboo sheets on my bed too—-dont really find them to be any cooler then cotton /percale sheets

No it does not. The inner weighted layer and the cover are sold seperatly in this listing with different Color option. Plus, YnM Weighted Blanket has another listing which sell the weighted blanket set including inner layer and outer cover, the link is

If you mean size as far as length and width it’s up to you. Just remember that the bigger the blanket, the more the weight is distributed. So if you get the smallest width most of the weight will be on you, but if you get one that is the full width of your bed, especially a queen or king bed, half that weight will be on the other side of the bed.

Generally 10% of your body weight + 1 is the size.

I believe its talking about the cover that can go on top. & both. Some of them are cotton, and some of them are micofiber. You have to look under and see which it is.

NO it can’t be seen throught the cream-colored fabric.

They don’t feel like pellets at all. They do not feel like popcorn kernels either…. Blanket very soft… feels like heavy, heavy cotton.  The blanket is a couple of inches smaller than stated though, also no cover needed unless you just want one. Glad we purchased…

I do NOT have a removable Duvet Cover for my YNM Weighted blanket.

The weight stays the same through out my blanket and is very even. It is sewn in small sections of squares and is very secure.’
Hope this helps.



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